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County Club Team Knockouts - Wellesley Wealth, Birchwood and Cyril Blake

   Due to the current restrictions, as a result of the National Lockdown, we feel that it may be too early to make any decisions regarding the above County Club Team Knockouts. It is our intention to run a full schedule of events in 2021, including the knockouts, but only if it is safe to do so for all players and clubs involved.
   We therefore will be delaying the opening of entry to these competitions, in the hope that we will have a clearer idea of local restrictions that impact golf.
   If we feel it is safe to run these events we will contact clubs with a shorter window of time for entry.
Our priority, as always, has to be the safety of golfers and we appreciate your understanding at this challenging time.
   Thank you.

Anup Vasant, County Secretary,Wednesday, 27 January, 2021 11:39:23

England Golf Update - Golf Courses must close.

The UK Government has announced a complete lockdown of England with immediate effect. Golf clubs, golf facilities  both indoor and outdoor - and driving ranges will be required to close during this full lockdown. As such, coaching will not be permitted. Read More

ONLINE Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop

UK Coaching have now made the Safeguarding course available to complete online. Read More

Richard Wilson - Sussex County Golf Welfare Officer

Richard Wilson is the Welfare Officer for Sussex County Golf. He will work for both the Sussex County Golf Union and the Sussex County Ladies Golf Association ensuring that all the County golf clubs provide a happy, safe and non-discriminate environment for all golfers. Read More
Diary for 27 Feb 2021 to 02 Jan 2022
Date Time Title
  02 Apr -- Good Friday
  05 Apr -- Easter Monday
  12 Apr -- Andy Beer Trophy @ Copthorne G C RH10 3LL
  15 Apr -- Steve Stone Trophy (Sussex under 14 Championship) @ Cottesmore G C RH119AT
  24 Apr -- Wellesley Wealth Trophy 1st Round Matches
  24 Apr -- Birchwood Trophy 1st Round Matches
  26 Apr -- Cyril Blake 1st Round matches
  03 May -- Bank Holiday
  09 May -- Sussex Vs Kent 1st Team League Match @ Sittingbourne G C ME9 7PX
  11 May -- Sussex Seniors Vs Dorset Seniors League match @ Dorset G & C C
  15 May -- Wellesley Wealth Trophy 2nd Round Matches
  15 May -- Birchwood Trophy 2nd Round Matches
  17 May -- Cyril Blake 2nd Round Matches
  31 May -- Bank Holiday
  02 Jun -- EG SE Group Junior Championship @ John O'Gaunt G C SG19 2LY
  02 Jun
04 Jun
-- English Seniors Mens' Open Championship @ Blackmoor G C & Army G C
  05 Jun -- Birchwood Trophy 3rd Round Matches & Birchwood Plate 1st Round Matches
  05 Jun -- Wellesley Wealth Trophy 3rd Round Matches & Wellesley Wealth Plate 1st Round Matches
  07 Jun -- Cyril Blake 3rd Round Matches & Gilbert Print 1st Round Matches
  17 Jun -- Sussex Mid Age Championship @ Nevill G C TN2 5JW
  19 Jun -- Wellesley Wealth Trophy 4th Round Matches & Wellesley Wealth Plate 2nd Round Matches
  21 Jun -- Cyril Blake 4th Round Matches & Gilbert Print 2nd Round Matches
  27 Jun -- Sussex Vs Hampshire 1st Team League Match @ Dyke G C BN1 8YJ
  30 Jun -- EG SE Group Boy's County Qualifying @ Kings Hill G C ME194GF
  30 Jun -- Sussex Seniors Vs Kent Seniors League Match @ Seaford G C BN25 4JS
  02 Jul
04 Jul
-- Sussex Amateur Championship @ Crowborough Beacon G C TN6 1UJ
  05 Jul -- Gilbert Print 3rd Round Matches
  08 Jul -- County Card Members Competition @ Cooden Beach G C TN39 4TR
  10 Jul -- EG SE Group Men's County Qualifying @ Eaton G C NR4 6SF
  10 Jul -- Wellesley Wealth Plate 3rd Round Matches
  10 Jul -- Birchwood Plate 3rd Round Matches
  13 Jul
14 Jul
-- EG SE Group Senior's County Qualifying @ Kingswood G C KT20 6NE
  16 Jul -- Sussex Seniors Vs Hampshire Seniors League Match @ Hampshire venue TBC
  19 Jul -- Cyril Blake Semi Final Matches @ Venues TBC
  21 Jul
22 Jul
-- EG SE Group Seniors Championship (AH Trophy) @ West Essex B C E4 7QL
  24 Jul -- Birchwood Trophy Semi Final Matches & Birchwood Plate Semi Final Matches @ Venues TBC
  26 Jul -- Gilbert Print 4th Round Matches
  29 Jul -- Veterans Championship @ Piltdown G C TN22 3XB
  30 Jul -- Veterans Foursomes Championship @ Piltdown G C TN22 3XB
  31 Jul -- Wellesley Wealth Trophy & Wellesley Wealth Plate Semi Final Matches
  08 Aug -- Sussex Vs Surrey 1st Team League Match @ Hindhead G C GU26 6HX
  09 Aug -- Sussex Seniors Championship @ Royal Eastbourne G C BN20 8BP
  12 Aug -- Sussex Boys Championship @ Highwoods G C TN39 4LJ
  16 Aug -- Gilbert Print Semi Final Matches
  17 Aug -- EG SE Group Junior Foursomes @ Essendon G C AL9 6HN
  18 Aug -- Southern Counties Seniors Foursomes Qualifier - Hants/Surrey/Sussex/BB&O @ Alresford G C SO24 0PN
  19 Aug -- Gerry Honeysett President's Plate @ Haywards Heath G C RH16 1SL
  21 Aug -- Wellesley Wealth Trophy Final & Wellesley Wealth Plate Final @ Venue TBC
  23 Aug -- Sussex Under 15 Championship @ East Brighton G C BN2 5RA
  26 Aug -- Sussex Seniors Vs Surrey Seniors League Match @ ESNGC on West Course TN22 5ES
  30 Aug -- Bank Holiday
  05 Sep -- Sussex Vs Dorset 1st Team League match @ Nevill G C TN2 5JW
  06 Sep -- Cyril Blake Final & Gilbert Print Final @ Venue TBC
  11 Sep -- Champion of Champions weekend (Boys & Seniors) @ Woodhall Spa G C LN10 6PU
  12 Sep -- EG SE Group Under 14 League Final @ Dulwich & Sydenham Hill G C SE21 7LH
  12 Sep -- Champion of Champions weekend (County & Seniors) @ Woodhall Spa G C LN10 6PU
  16 Sep -- EG SE Group Southern Counties Seniors Foursomes Final @ Waterloovile G C PO8 8AP
  18 Sep -- Birchwood Trophy & Birchwood Plate Finals @ Venue TBC
  19 Sep -- EG SE Group Under 18 League Final @ Halesworth G C IP19 9XA
  24 Sep
26 Sep
-- English Men's County Championship @ Remedy Oak G C BH21 8ND
  26 Sep -- EG SE Group Under 16 League Final @ Muswell Hill G C N22 7UT
  03 Oct -- EG SE Group County League Final @ Army G C GU11 2HF
  05 Oct
07 Oct
-- English Senior Men's County Championship @ Grange Park G C WA10 3AD
  10 Oct -- EG SE Group Colts League Final @ Dale Hill G C TN5 7DQ
  13 Oct -- EG SE Group Seniors League Final @ Calcot Park G C RG13 7RN
  18 Oct -- Sussex Captains Vs Sussex Secretaries Match @ Royal Ashdown Forest G C RH18 5LR
  25 Dec -- Christmas Day
  27 Dec
28 Dec
-- Bank Holiday
  01 Jan -- New Year's Day