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Alan the team are back safe and sound from Spain, even if they are covered in a rash and Itching like crazy!!


Alan reports as follows:

 “     It seems the the area had a problem with the pine Caterpillar and because of the dry windy conditions, the air was full of tiny hairs from these

little creatures (pests) and all the team reacted - some more than others.  Thank goodness for Antihistamine!  The little critters did not deter the

Sussex gladiators and all players were fully committed and gave their all.

The course played very tough and showed all its teeth, especially the last day, when the wind was even stronger!



Some players coped better than others, but all the players came away with a plan and things to work on, some picked things up straight away,

some will take longer, but I am confident that all players will be better for our Caterpillar infested week!!

The 72 hole competition was dominated by Rich Leeves, and he was a worthy champion, even though he came home with only 13 clubs!!

Solid performances from Tom Thurloway and Sam Jarvis pushed him all the way, as did our old pro, Ryan.

Round of the week was Sam’s 3 under par on Saturday, a truly great performance on a very challenging course, we had many great shots

and Elliott's Eagle on the third on The green course was stunning.

The youngsters interacted well with the established players, and George , Tom and Nathan all impressed, as did Gregor,AKA  Olaf, who really

stepped up and was most improved player of the week.

The vice captain and past captain were both solid and a great inspiration to the team, Steve Gibbs showed how much he has matured and was

unlucky not to score better.

Russell and Josh struggled a little, but both were positive and went away with renewed enthusiasm and plenty to work on.

It was a good time to get to know Laurence and I am confident he will embrace his new role as Boys manager.

A great big thanks to Ryan, who showed us so many ways to play different shots, and was great in giving all new strategies and different ways of

getting that ball in the hole.

Ryan and I will give all the players a summary of where we think they are with their game, and advice on what to do next.


Once again a great week, and some real positives on team selections for the year    ”


Alan Covey – County Captain


Please click here to see the score sheet.



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