Sussex County Golf Union
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  • Teams of eight players. - Playing 8 Singles matches. (NO FOURSOMES PLAY AT ALL THIS SEASON)
  • Play must be from the back Medal Tees.                      
  • Order of play will be decided by the team captains and exchanged no later than 30 minutes before commencement of play.
  • No Caddies will be permitted due to Covid-19 Regulations
  • Team Captains are required to be in attendance on the first tee at commencement of play and will be responsible for ensuring that the teams play in the order declared. Any match played out of order will be declared void.

Start Times and The Draw

  • Play shall commence at a time agreed by the HOME club.
  • The Result shall be declared on the number of matches won or lost.
  • In the event of a TIE, up to and including the Quarter-Final stages, the match will be awarded to the away team.
  • If a TIE occurs in the Semi-Final or the Final it will be decided by one player from each side being nominated to play “sudden-death.
  • The first four rounds shall be drawn at a date and time chosen by the S.C.G.U. and the match played on the course of the first named Club on a Saturday nominated by the County Union. All matches shall be played on the Saturday of the weekend allocated in the County Fixture list.
  • The Semi-Finals will be played on a neutral course selected from the four Semi-Finalists on the date shown in the fixture list.
  • The Final will be played on a neutral course. One of the losing Clubs in the earlier rounds will normally be requested to host the Final.
  • In the event that a Club may be requested to host a Semi Final or the Final,  Club Secretaries must ensure that the dates notified in advance for the Semi-Finals and Final are kept open in their Fixture Lists.  It is a Condition of Entry that a Club asked to host any round will do so.
  • County Officials will be delegated to attend the Final for the purposes of adjudication if required. Officials will NOT be supplied for prior rounds.


  • Clubs must be registered on the WHS Platform to be eligible to enter this competition.
  • The Championship is a Match-play Team Event played off Scratch but players must have a WHS Handicap Index.
  • Teams to consist of EIGHT players who are members of the Club.
  • Teams may be changed for each round, if desired, but no player may represent more than one Club in any one year.

The Note to Rule 24.4.a in the Rules of Golf will apply.  Each team must appoint one specified person (normally the Team Captain) who is the only person, apart from each player’s partner or caddy, authorised to give advice during play.

Other Matters

  • Practice rounds – There will be NO practice rounds given by any participating club.
  • Wellesley Wealth Plate competition will not be played for this season.
  • Course Condition - Club Secretaries are requested to give reasonable consideration to course condition and to state, with reasonable notice, whether their course is in fit playing condition. If necessary, the tie may be changed to the opponent’s course.
  • Storm Condition - In condition of severe storms, at the discretion of the Home Club play will be suspended immediately on the sounding of a previously notified warning signal.  (Prior to the commencement of play, a notice must be posted advising players of the signals to be used under these conditions.)
  • Should play be suspended for reasons of unplayable conditions, Saturday play should be recommenced on the Sunday wherever possible.  In these circumstances, the Home Club Committee responsible for competitions shall act as the authorised representative of the County Union. Should Sunday play not be at all possible, recommencement of play MUST be arranged for the following weekend.
  • Catering - there will be no catering due to Covid-19 Guidelines.
  • Results - the Team Captain of the winning Club in each match, is responsible to ensure that the full and correct results are either e-mailed to the County office –