Sussex County Golf Union
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Rules of Sussex County Golf Union


The Union shall be called ‘Sussex County Golf Union’.


The objects of the Union shall be:

(i)    to arrange and manage county amateur championships and other such competitions as the Council considers desirable;

(ii)   to arrange and manage golf matches with other counties and such other golf matches and competitions and events as the Council consider desirable;

(iii)   to encourage and promote the interests of the game of golf by the means aforesaid and by such other means as the Council may think desirable; and

(iv)  to act in conjunction with England Golf and other county or district unions or associations on any of the said objects.


AFFILIATED CLUBS – All golf clubs in Sussex, recognised by the Council, shall be eligible for affiliation to and membership of the Union. Only such clubs as agree to pay the required subscription to the Union and to England Golf  and agree to be bound by the conditions of  affiliation  from time to time promulgated by the Union and by England Golf may be recognised by the Council. The withholding or withdrawal of recognition must be sanctioned by a meeting of the Council on the recommendation of the committee.

It is a condition of affiliation that clubs host events for the Union and England Golf when reasonably requested.

PLAYING MEMBERS - Members of Affiliated Clubs are for the purposes of these rules called Playing Members. All Playing Members shall be subject to the rules for the time being promulgated by the Union and by England Golf.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – Associate Membership may be granted to such Sussex golfing societies as may be approved by the Council. They shall pay such subscriptions as the Council shall from time to time stipulate. Associate Membership does not entitle the holder to participate upon a dissolution pursuant to Rule 17.


(i)    Members of the Affiliated Clubs may become county members of the Union. Nominations for membership shall be submitted on an application form which shall be signed by the secretary of the applicant’s club.

(ii) Juniors below the age of 18 are not eligible for nomination.

(iii) The subscription shall be such sum as the committee may from time to time stipulate, payable on nomination and thereafter on the 1st January each year. Members shall be entitled to purchase and wear a County Member’s tie.

(iv)  County Members are not entitled to participate upon dissolution pursuant to Rule 17.

HONORARY MEMBERS – On the recommendation of the committee, any person may in special circumstances be elected an honorary members at any general meeting of the Council, and shall thereafter be entitled to all the privileges of membership without paying the yearly subscription or any special payment during such membership.

A two-thirds majority of those present and voting shall be necessary for such election.


The control of the affairs of the Union shall be vested in a Council, which shall consist of the officers of the Union as ex-officio members, elected members of the committee and representatives of each Affiliated Club. The Annual Meeting of the Council shall be held at such time and place as may be arranged by the Committee. At least 21 days notice shall be given by the Secretary to each club in the Union. The President, or in his absence, a member elected by the meeting, shall act as chairman.

Each Affiliated Club is invited to send up to two representatives to the Annual Meeting of the Council but is only allowed one vote (representatives will usually be the club Secretary and Captain).

Meetings of the Council shall be quorate if representatives of eight or more Affiliated Clubs are present.


The officers of the Union shall consist of the President, Past Presidents, Vice- Presidents, the Captain, Vice-Captain, Colts Manager, Treasurer and Junior Delegate. The President should hold office for three years the Captain should hold office for two years and the Vice Captain, Colts Manager, Treasurer and Junior Delegate for one year. Each of the officers shall be nominated by the committee (except the President, who will be nominated by the retiring President and the Past Presidents of the Union) their nomination shall be confirmed by the Council at the Annual General Meeting.


The management of the affairs of the Union shall be in the hands of a committee, consisting of the officers and six members elected by the Union.  The committee may delegate any of its powers to any sub-committee consisting of one or more members. It may also delegate to any officer such of its powers as it considers desirable to be exercised by him. Any such delegations may be made subject to any conditions the committee may impose, and may be revoked or altered at any time by the committee.

(i)   Of the elected members, two shall retire annually and shall be eligible for re-election up to a maximum of a six year period and then shall not be eligible for re-election until the annual general meeting held the year next after such retirement.
(ii)  The two members to retire shall be those who have been longest in office, and where more than two have been in office for the same period, in the absence of agreement to the contrary, then the members to retire shall be determined by lot.
(iii)  The President shall be chairman of the committee, and shall have a casting vote in addition to his own. In his absence, the committee shall elect a temporary chairman, who shall not be the Secretary.
(iv)   Four officers and members present shall form a quorum at meetings of the committee.
(v)   All Past and Vice-Presidents are entitled to attend any full committee meeting.
        If there are four or less at any meeting, all will be eligible to vote at the meeting.
If there are more than four present at any meeting, it must be decided by the Past and Vice-Presidents, before the meeting starts, which four should be allowed to vote at that meeting.


(i)   The members of the committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
(ii)  Nominations in respect of each candidate, duly proposed, seconded and countersigned by the candidate assenting to serve, if elected, must be sent to the secretary twenty-eight days before the annual general meeting.
(iii)  In the event of there being more candidates than there are vacancies, the method of election shall be by ballot.
(iv)  In the case there be insufficient candidates nominated, the committee shall have the power to fill the remaining vacancies.
(v)   Any casual vacancy occurring in the committee in any year, may be filled up by this committee, subject to confirmation at the next Annual General Meeting, but any member so chosen shall retain office so long as would the member whom he replaces.


(i)  AFFILIATION FEES TO THE UNION. Affiliated Clubs and Associate Members shall pay such annual subscription to the County Union as the Council for the time being shall see fit. Such subscriptions shall be paid per head of Playing Members of all  
      categories, including junior and veteran members.
(ii)  ANNUAL  SUBSCRIPTION  TO  ENGLAND GOLF. In addition to the Union affiliation fee, all Affiliated Clubs shall pay annually such subscription as may be laid down for the time being by England Golf. This subscription shall be paid to the Union for forwarding to England Golf.
(iii) Payments due under (i) and (ii) above are due by Affiliated Clubs 60 days following the start of a club subscription year.
(iv)  At the committee’s discretion no Affiliated Club whose affiliation fee and no Playing Member whose subscription is in arrears shall be entitled to take part in any matches or competitions organised by the Union.


(i)   The Committee shall have the power to appoint a Secretary and Assistants and to fix remuneration to such Secretary and Assistants.
(ii)   The Secretary shall keep correct minutes of the proceedings of the Council and the Committee and any sub-committee, and shall produce
        such minutes at their meetings. 

        He shall summon all meetings of the Council and shall prepare and send copies of the financial statement to the secretary of each Affiliated Club at least twenty-one days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. He shall also enrol clubs in membership and give all notices required by the Rules for the time being. He shall also receive and dispose of, according to the instructions of the Committee, all monies received and paid by the Union, and shall generally act in accordance with the instructions of the Committee.


A Special Council Meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee or by the Secretary pursuant to Rule 16 (iv) or shall be convened on written request from any three Affiliated Clubs. Twenty-one days’ notice of  such meeting, setting forth  the business to  be transacted thereat shall be given to all Affiliated Clubs, and only business so set forth shall be considered at the Meeting.


The Committee shall elect on an annual basis one member of the Union to represent the Union on the Council of England Golf .


(i)   To be eligible to play in the County Amateur Championship, or to represent the County in matches, a Playing Member;

                        (a)  must be of amateur status as defined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews;

                         (b)  must be a current golfing member of an affiliated Sussex Golf Club and his home club for handicaping must be a Sussex Golf

                         (c)  must not have taken part in a the county golf championship of another county or have represented another county in any 
                               match during the previous twelve months.

(ii)  The meeting shall be held on three consecutive days, starting with 36 hole Medal Qualifying Rounds for the Amateur Championship, to be played concurrently with the Club Team Challenge Plate. The first sixteen to qualify for 18 hole Match Play. Ties shall be declared on the last 18, 9, 6, 3 holes as necessary.


No rule of the Union shall be repealed or altered and no new rules shall be made save by a majority of two-thirds of members of the Council present and voting at any meeting of the council. Twenty-one days’ notice of such proposed repealing alteration or additions shall be given to each Affiliated Club.


(i)   The property of the Union, other than cash at the bank, shall be vested in not less than two and not more than four trustees. They shall hold the property upon trust for the members of the Union in accordance with the directions of the committee.
(ii)   The trustees shall deal with the property as directed by resolution of the committee and entry in the Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence of such  resolution.
(iii)  The trustees shall be appointed by, and may be removed by, a resolution of the committee and shall hold office until the death or resignation unless removed by a resolution of the committee.
(iv)   Any confirmation under the hand of the Secretary that a person has been appointed a trustee shall, in favour of a person dealing bona fide with the Union or the committee, be conclusive evidence of such appointment.
(v)  The trustees shall be entitled to indemnity out of the property and assets of the Union for all expenses and other liabilities incurred by them in the discharge of their duties.


The income and profits of the Union, however derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Objects as set forth in these Rules and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of dividend bonus or other distribution to Affiliated Clubs provided that nothing herein shall prevent any payment in good faith by the Union;

(i)   in reimbursement of any expenses reasonably and properly incurred by any member, officer or servant of the Union; and
(ii)  of a reasonable and commercial rate of interest on money lent to the Union.


(i)  In relation to any disputes between Affiliated Clubs Associate Members, County Members or between any of them either disputing party may refer the matter or  
      matters to the Committee which may deal with the same as it sees fit and its decision shall be final and binding.
(ii)  In relation to the affiliation process any dispute with the Union maybe referred by either party to England Golf and its decision shall be final.
(iii)  The committee shall ensure that these Rules and all regulations from time to time made by the Union to govern the County Amateur Championship or competitions in Sussex  or matches involving Playing Members or Affiliated Clubs wherever played are      
        complied with and the committee is hereby authorised to deal 
with any breach of discipline as it sees fit and to impose such sanctions upon any Playing Member Affiliated Clubs or other person deemed to have breached  the same as it deems proper
        in the circumstances.
(iv)  Any Playing Members Affiliated Club or any person deemed to be in breach under sub-clause (iii)  of this Rule has a right of appeal to the Council. Any such appeal must be made in writing addressed to the Secretary and delivered to the Secretary within one
        month of the date of the committee meeting at which the sanctions 
were imposed. The Secretary, upon receipt of appeal, shall convene a Special Council meeting as soon as practicable for the hearing of the appeal. The decision of the Council shall be  
        final and binding.


If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Union there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall be paid to or distributed among Affiliated Clubs pro rata to the number of Playing Members each Affiliated Club has at the beginning of the calendar year in which such winding up or dissolution is resolved to be undertaken or shall be given or transferred to some other association, body or bodies (whether corporate or not) or a trust having objects similar to the objects as set forth in these Rules and which shall prohibit the distribution of its or their income and property among its or their members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the Union under or by virtue of these Rules, such association body or bodies (whether corporate or not) or trust to be determined by the Council. In default of any such determination being forthcoming as aforesaid or in the case of any question arising as to be proper destination of any such assets the same shall be referred to the decision of a person nominated for such purpose by the President at the time of England Golf. The provisions of this Rule 17 may not be to altered or amended save by a 90% majority of Affiliated Clubs represented at a duly convened meeting.